The Adventures of Opihi Man is an Action, Adventure, Role Playing, Educational game that teaches Hawaiian culture. My name is William Mitchell and I am the creator of this game. I am working on modeling three environments of this game for my thesis at The Academy of Art University in San Francsico. The Beach Park, The Cave of Wa, and Iki Village.

The Adventures of Opihi Man is a story about a man named Kamamalu (Which means the Protection in Hawaiian.) whose normal days of picking Opihi (Limpet snails a Hawaiian delicacy.) off the rocks of the beach, turns into a wonderful journey throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Kamamalu also known as Opihi Man’s primary objective is to teach Hawaiian and save the Hawaiian islands from invaders as he helps out old ancient myths and legends of Hawaii’s past and restores the land to his ancestors and his present day family.

Contact me at william3dartist@gmail.com